Company Security Information Security

Company Security Information Security


There are many factors, as e.g. the advanced globalization, the extension of the European Union to the East and the commencing orientation of leading Asian economic powers towards the Western countries, are responsible for a rapid rise in incidents of industrial espionage.
According to a Germany-wide survey, in which 600 companies were interviewed, already more than half of the enterprises had experienced hacker attacks and breaches of secrecy. According to the result of the survey the estimated damages cost about € 4.2 billion. Especially affected by those criminal activities are small and mediumsized enterprises.
Protect your know-how
The main aim of the attackers is to obtain innovative, technical and intellectual KNOW-HOW, so that they do not have to spend money on development and research. In addition to technical weak spots within the security system they increasingly take advantage of weak spots in the structure of the company´s personnel.
There is an alarming increase of verifiable reports where even the intelligence service of several countries was involved in incidents of illegal KNOW-HOW transfer. Espionage attacks of this kind meanwhile affect all specialist fields.
Therefore: Secure and protect your most important resource: YOUR KNOW-HOW

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