PROVISOR SECURITY SERVICE GmbH personnel will completely support you in all aspects of personal protection of property. We execute every security assignment from doorman to external and internal security - like your staff, your events,  in a responsible manner - discreetly but effectively, ensuring that your business can operate uninterrupted.
Figurehead Doorman
Each of our employees has a professional attitude and extensive experience so that your customers, guests and colleagues will feel looked after at all time, they are the functional guarantee in the background.

Find out for yourself during a personal interview - our staff will advise you.


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PROVISOR SECURITY SERVICE GmbHDie Provisor Security Service GmbH hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, nach den Wünschen der Kunden maßgeschneiderte Problemlösungen für alle Bereiche der Sicherheit zu erarbeiten, in bereits bestehende Sicherheitsmanagementsysteme zu implementieren oder, wenn notwendig, ein komplett neues Modell vorzuschlagen.030 / 65 21 85 780
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