Every single day analysis, statistics and the media report an enormous increase in economic crime as well as company internal crime in all areas. Those are real endangerments threatening every enterprise. Temporarily limited financial damage is only “the lesser evil”. At the worst the continued existence of the entire enterprise is at stake.


Discreet investigations made possible through modern technology

Do not take any chances. We can discreetly advise and actively support you. In a competent and goal-oriented way we work with the help of modern technology, thus gaining maximum information in order to detect and be able to successfully eliminate possible weak points. Our know-how and information network competently enables us to advise and support our clients in all issues of investigation. As a matter of course all results of the investigation are subject to confidentiality.

We would be pleased to inform you about all the possibilities during a interview!

PROVISOR SECURITY SERVICE GmbHDie Provisor Security Service GmbH hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, nach den Wünschen der Kunden maßgeschneiderte Problemlösungen für alle Bereiche der Sicherheit zu erarbeiten, in bereits bestehende Sicherheitsmanagementsysteme zu implementieren oder, wenn notwendig, ein komplett neues Modell vorzuschlagen.030 / 65 21 85 780
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