Personal Protection

Personal Protection


To be safe and secure means to feel safe and sound on the one hand, and at the same time to have maximum opportunity to realize one´s personal liberty.
Personal protection, like staff protection, is not a phenomenon of modern times. There have always been persons who, for various reasons, have been subject to an extended danger potential. The service we offer here is mainly focused on this special group of people who are particularly in need of protection. If there is a real and urgent extended danger potential or if protection has to be realized as a purely preventative activity, is of secondary importance for us.
What concerns us primarily is to guarantee maximum security while maintaining our clients´ quality of life during each personal protection measure. The skills of our employees, their preventative, competent and highly effective acting as well as their ability to plan ahead, are the premises in order to identify all possible sources of danger beforehand and to eliminate them effectively.
In this way they make sure that the risk of a real attack on / an assassination of the person to be protected is reduced to the absolute minimum, on his own property or in public. Our employees have long years of professional experience in the field of personal protection. This experience guarantees the perfect realization of all the necessary protective measures from the start in order to exclude every evitable risk already in advance. Close cooperation with public security forces is a natural course of action for us.
We would be glad to provide you with further details in a non-binding and discreet conversation about the possibilities our company could offer you.


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