Protection of property, residences and offices

Protection of property and offices


Nowadays the safety requirements for buildings are very complex and not always predictable from the beginning. Demands, utilization concepts and the structural appearance can change anytime. Already existing buildings have often to be secured later or their security technology has to be optimized.
To understand security - to conceptualize security to realize security - those are the three main points of PROVISOR SECURITY SERVICE GmbH concerning development and elaboration of highly effective security concepts and trainings for safe living and working.
Therefore the object to be protected and its surrounding environment will be analyzed and subdivided into four areas:
  1. the outdoor area
  2. the property boundary
  3. outer shells of the building
  4. the interior of the object to be protected
Afterwards a customized security concept will be drawn up  and translated into practice. Experience and the understanding of the needs of the persons and companies to be protected, in combination with innovative security technology and a highly motivated security staff – this is the foundation of our work.
It is our main aim to retain the aesthetic and architectural appearance of the object of protection and to accomplish high security standards at the same time. To offer you the opportunity to feel comfortable and safe, to be able to move and develop freely and still be protected, this is our primary objective. The Provisor Area of Protection Model is able to realize those understandable
clients´ demands.


Provisor Security Service personnel will competently support you in all fields of personal protection of property. We perform every security assignment from doorman to external and internal security in a responsible manner, in order to discreetly but effectively ensure that your business can operate smoothly. Each of our employees has good manners and savoirfaire, so that your customers, guests and colleagues will feel well attended anytime.

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