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PROVISOR SECURITY SERVICE GmbH exclusively offers only to selected clients the possibility to improve and extend capability and KNOW-HOW of their security managers / security teams on a high level. PROVISOR SECURITY SERVICE GmbH hereby explicitly states that certain criteria have to be met in order to book the below listed training courses.
Further details will be provided and explained in an initial meeting. If the potential client meets all the necessary requirements, secondly an exact needs analysis for the training will be provided as the basis for a customised training concept.
  1. Emergency medicine/rescuing and evacuation in crisis situations
  2. Preventative training courses: kidnapping/hostage-taking
  3. Training courses: improvised explosive devices and landmines
  4. Staying in conflict areas 
  5. Advanced training courses and weapons training for experienced professional protection teams


Provisor Security Service GmbH also provides training to companies that are not working in security services but who have to hire those externally. For event management agencies it is very important to be prepared for serious situations and to know which step to take next.
We share our sound KNOW-HOW in the Provisor Academy with our clients in event management and venue operation. By conducting a thorough interview up front, we are able to produce a detailed trainingneeds analysis and an individual training plan to make the training most effective. 
  1. Protection of staff in conflict areas
  2. Emergency medicine/ rescues and evacuations in crises situations
  3. Training in prevention of abduction and hostage taking
  4. Preparation of staff being sent to conflict areas
  5. Event security for event management agencies
  6. Property protection and security systems for venue operators


The Provisor training team consists of active and former members of various authorities. Instructors for personal protection training, members of military special units as well as shooting instructors and operational trainers are part of the team in the same way as members of high risk arresting teams and personal protection teams. All team members have wide-ranging experience in the fields of operation and training.
PROVISOR SECURITY SERVICE GmbHDie Provisor Security Service GmbH hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, nach den Wünschen der Kunden maßgeschneiderte Problemlösungen für alle Bereiche der Sicherheit zu erarbeiten, in bereits bestehende Sicherheitsmanagementsysteme zu implementieren oder, wenn notwendig, ein komplett neues Modell vorzuschlagen.030 / 65 21 85 780
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